From Warsaw to Summer

Hello kids!

And just like that my stay in Warsaw is over.
I’m back in Seville for 2 weeks then heading to Mount Terminillo, Italy for a training camp.
I won’t whine right now (next week for sure) about how much I’m suffering under the Seville’s sun.

Lovely sunrise in Seville…almost barfing my dinner.

It was great, I worked out…

Along and across the Vistula River

…and ate, ate like pig.


I must confess that this time I didn’t try a lot of Polish food, unlike a couple of months ago in Krakow.
This time for a weird reason, I ended up going to a lot of international restaurants.
But I’ll talk about it on a later post.

Except this Chłodnik (Cold Polish Beet Soup), which was good but gave me a case of the sh*ts

As for now I’ll do a little throw back of my last days in Warsaw.
I’ll miss Warsaw, I’ll go back for sure. I’ll miss specially the nice weather, even when it got hot was still manageable.
But above all I’ll miss Kromka and Karma, my roommates.

They wanted to come with

Kromka showed me her love by puking on the carpet in my room, but she was kind enough to eat afterwards, making the cleaning way easier. Very thoughtful, considering I had just come back from a hard workout.


Karma, well, Karma, she left childhood behind when I was there. Her first heat, she was a rebel, kept knocking my things down and shaking the money-maker around me, which was disturbing. Luckily it only lasted 4 days.

Shaking the money-maker!

I’ll also miss cheap movie days, I’m all caught up with all recent movies.
I finally watched Wonder Woman, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?
Totally worth it!
I went to an outdoors movie night, Japanese movie with Polish subtitles, I understood nothing. But at least I served my purpose on the food chain and fed the mosquitoes.


Now tell me,
Hows your summer going or winter if you are down under?
Any plans?



  1. It’s been mostly hot in NYC, Leo. We went to the NYPL on Jul 3 to see a copy of the Declaration of Independence in Thomas Jefferson’s hand. Thrilling! Otherwise, just trying to stay cool! 😉 xoxoM


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