When dreams DON’T come true.

Hello Kids,

Let me warn you, this isn’t a typical post for my blog, it’s a sad-heartfelt one.

Not everything is a laughing matter.

A post about desolation, despair, disappointment, frustration, utter sadness and disbelief.

Jesus! Where’s your empathy??!!

This is a growing sorrow that’s been eating me since last year, but in the making for longer, thought I would see the light by the end of summer but winter came like a tiger tearing all my hope apart and turning my dreams to shame.

For the past 5-6 years I’ve been throwing hints on the months leading to my birthday and Christmas to see if anyone would give me one of the things I’ve always* wanted and most importantly, NEED.

I really do!

But nobody seems to care anymore and I say care because I refuse to believe they don’t get the hints, this past Christmas I was really bold, I expressively said what I wanted.
Did it work?
Of course not!!!

Lo se! (I know in Spanish)

You have to understand my journey, my struggle, I’m usually tired and as every other person I hate waiting in line or standing while riding mass transportation.

The very thought!

First I thought about adopting a baby to avoid lines and standing, because nobody gives a seat to a healthy looking man even tho he’s decrepit in the inside, unless that is, if he’s holding a baby.

Handle with care

But it turns out adopting is complicated and feeding a baby is just too expensive and as many of you know I’m financially challenged.


Then one day I stumbled upon a documentary (won’t link it because it was on the Spanish TV but HERE’S an English one) about people with a weird thing for Reborn Dolls.

Who are you calling creepy??!!

Brothers and sisters, it was eyeopening, an epiphany almost, a message from God of course, because a baby wouldn’t be fine with me, so he sent Reborn Dolls to Earth for a reason.

Well, she may have been Satan sent

I was in awe when a woman was showing the collection of clothes and strollers she had for her Reborn Daughter, I was imagining myself entering the bank holding my Reborn still smelling like rubber and heading to the special line for baby holders (is that a thing?) or waiting for people to just let me go ahead with my baby.

See, a Reborn bounces, all advantages.

Riding the train in rush hour?
“Sir, would like to sit?”
I would first say I was ok while reassuring my Reborn just to get people to insist and then gladly take the spot.

It’s just comfy

Yes, I’ve pictured all scenarios, what if someone wants to hold my Reborn you may be thinking.
He’s a sickling, rare skin condition, please keep off! (all while shedding a fake tear, who knows someone would set a GoFund Me to help me and my baby).

A bit under the weather.

I nearly gave up this dream, but then AppleTV released the show Servant and my desire to be a Reborn dad just grew.

There, there.

Is anyone out there with a heart big enough to help my dreams come true? (aka buying me a reborn, if it cries even better)
Am I batshit crazy or just a simple guy with simple functional dreams?


  1. I see some complications ahead Leo…..would you have to get a special backpack so Leo Junior can racewalk with Daddy?? Would the race organizers have baby bottles available for you at the “check-in” stops for water so Leo can have lunch during the race?? I think perhaps you need to think about the possible disruptions to your life as you know it now if you had a reborn needing diaper changes. Oh – WAIT – these reborn things aren’t REAL right? Just fake babies? OK – nevermind – maybe you DO need one. Time to start a GOFUNDME.

    Hugs, Pam

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What is wrong with people? Get the man a baby doll! He’s exhausted from standing on trains. Get. The. Doll. Maybe get me one, too. I want to carry it around and shake it till the head falls off. #goals

    Love and licks,

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