Lamaze. La Vie. F$ck it!

Hello Kids!

I was trying to start this post differently but “it’s been ages since I last posted”. 
It isn’t because lack of material, I have plenty of drafts to choose from, it’s been mostly laziness when it comes to choosing the right images to illustrate my posts and as I write this I can’t help it but wonder if it’ll actually see the light or it’ll join the previous attempts on the Draft Folder.


What a year this has been!
I even took on gardening in an effort to get distracted and in the process grow my own exotic fruits and export them to all Europe, but I realized I need fruit bat to pollinate my Dragon Fruit, under normal circumstances I’d smuggle one from Central America but these days bats are risky business.
Alas, my plans to supply the world with exotic fruits will have to wait. Wait as everything and everybody else.

Be patient

Life has turned into a lamaze class, where learning how to breathe is fundamental.

I thought I knew how to breathe but here I am, 4 months later, realizing that I sorta stopped breathing around October and dealing with an unwanted pregnancy*.

That being said, I’m not a Debbie Downer, there were plenty of sweet moments since I last posted, plenty of cake fueled moments.

I even managed to race in Portugal and play with pussies in Poland

I spent some time in Poland and by sometime I mean an unexpected ridiculous amount of time, all due to flight cancelations, went from planning 3-4 weeks to staying for nearly 3 months and getting mauled in the process.


Three months barely breathing but at least I had cakes to make life easier, it seems Marie Atoinette was right after all. 

Anything with black currant

As for now I gotta deal with the electrified needles on my hamstring and learn how to breath again before I’m declared brain dead, lucky euthanasia is now legal in Spain and one of the requirements is prolonged suffering and; haven’t I suffered enough? 

I’ll try rescue some of the drafts I have, tell you about the time I drank snake piss in China or  the time I had a chat with a corpse. But all that will have to wait a couple of days or maybe 7 months, I’ll keep you in suspense. 
Hope you all are ok. 



  1. Well I might have known that just because you disappeared from the blogosphere for a few decades or years or months or WHATEVER, you were still enjoying life and craziness around the world. Glad you’re OK and glad you are at least considering blogging from time to time. Don’t wait so long for the next update – remember some of your fans (me) are old and might not be around forever and ever and ever! You’ve been missed – honestly you have!

    Hugs, Pam

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