From Showing the goods to the BBC

Hello kids,

On my last post I mentioned a couple of things that happened to me and helped me get through with the *irony mode on* struggle of being home and not seeing people during the quarantine *irony mode off*.

The first 2 weeks were the hardest because I couldn’t play with with Doggy, I was being held captive within my own house. Nobody wanted to have contact with someone who had been traveling through Italy and Madrid, other than knocking on my door to let me know my prison meal was ready, they stayed off.

Among other things I lost the little ass I had, since I couldn’t go out to workout I had to get a spinning bike and do with it. After the first week I couldn’t sit, I’m sure my ass cheeks got stuck on the tights, I was just scared to double check.
I would have cried myself to sleep but fortunately I found and edifying soul nurturing show on Netflix called “Kingdom”, a Korean show set a couple of hundred years ago, with amazing costumes that I would wear on the daily basis if it wasn’t cultural appropriation.
Among all the ancient teachings, there’s one that still resonates and of which I haven’t been able to find more information, “How to prepare corpse stew for a gated village of 100”, they were too vague about the proportions and never mentioned if you could substitute rice wine vinegar for cider vinegar to marinate it.
Guess we’ll never know.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, I got a message from the BBC* asking me if I would find the time during the busy quarantine schedule to record a podcast. After asking my agent and going through the details of the contract and product placement, a date was set and the “Explicit” ( I may have used unappropiate language once or a million times) podcast was recorded.
You can check it out here:

And since you are at it, check the other podcasts and work that Michelle does. I have to write a post about Michelle and the amazing community work she does, I just gotta get back into regular posting so I’m nominated again for a Nobel and Pulitzer for the right article. 

*Technically it wasn’t the BBC, but an english friend, but hey! Tomato-Tomato 


  1. Leo and Michelle – great podcast. I feel like I’ve known both of you forever……it was great to hear your voice Leo. Interesting to hear the inside info on race walking and Michelle I don’t know that I knew that Leo was your inspiration to get into running! At any rate, bravo for both of you for working towards your goals.

    Hugs, Pam

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