Move I’m Famous!

Hello kids, 

I’m surprised I didn’t let another 70 years pass between one post and the other, congratulations to me.

Thank you, thank you!

Today I come to talk about fame (or at least that’s my intention, we’ll see how the post ends) and how to deal with it.
Being a racewalker comes with great responsibility, it doesn’t matter how big or small the place you live is, you’ll always end up getting recognized.

Yes she is!

But mind you, it isn’t the kind of fame some people seek, it isn’t Madonna’s or Oprah’s kinda fame, it’s more like the local drunk or flasher fame.

Ha! This is a PG blog Ma’am!

Basically people around town know me as “the guy who walks/run weird”, but that’s about it.
I think I already told you about the amount to sex offers I get while passing by construction sites.
I know what’s like to be catcalled, I’d say I feel naked but then, summer comes I’m usually half naked most of the time, but even then I’m not asking for it (BTW never google
“half naked gif” at work, but do!). 

I feel so naked!

I also get the random cars honking, people waving and the odd runner asking me how fast I’m going.
The worst is at the supermarket, people look at you and make you wonder whether or not you know them, they nod and I’m left wondering all day who that person was and if the nod/wave was at me. 

Oh hai!

Sometimes I get stopped and asked “Are you the racewalker?”, when it happens I panic, because I’m sure my life will end the way John Lennon’s life ended. 

I haven’t even started Servant.

You may think I’m being paranoid but I was already threaten once and another time someone was lurking around my building, but that falls into the stalking category.
Now in times of COVID I thought I’d be safe and I could live anonymously, but I was dead ass wrong, today someone approached and asked me if I was the racewalker, even tho I was wearing a mask and a hoodie. Maybe my legs and colorful shoes give me away. 

Both wooden

Fame has its downside (mine has no pros lol), I can’t just stop and pee anywhere cuz I’m easily spotted (never google “public peeing gif” at work, but do!) and I don’t wanna end up on YouTube without monetizing of course .

Not that’s ever stopped me…

So if you have seen a video of me, report it, I’m not making money for of it and I is poor. 

I know!

Tell me, other than me, who’s the most famous person you’ve met?
Are you the owner of a sex tape with someone famous just waiting a bit to get rich or be the next Kardashian? 


  1. Face it Leo – you’re famous whether you like it or not! When people call you “THE” racewalker that means the one and only one they’ve heard of. That’s fame baby. As for your questions at the end – I actually have met a couple of “notable” people in my life – most notable was Bob Hope (there will be some tuning in here who have no idea who that is but remember I’m old!). No sex tapes in my possession though – people weren’t doing that back in my “indiscriminate sex” days (50 years ago or so). Darn.

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. Not sure I’ve ever “met” anyone famous, but I have seen a few celebrities in airports. Once when I was at Disneyworld there was a crowd of gawkers and someone said a football player was at the center of it. Those are my brushes with greatness (broadly and generously defined).

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  3. *lol* you are funny!!! the gifs are the BEST!!! Hmmmm… I have been at the same hotel as Nelson Mandel, seen him but not met him. My sister worked there, she MET HIM… she was mesmerised for years… and Ryan Sandes (ultra runner) did sign a cap for me… does that count? but pfffft, never met anyone as FAMOUS as you you Leo!!!

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