Carrying Low in Warsaw

Hello kids,

This time I didn’t let 5 months passed in between updates, I’m getting better!
As I mentioned on the previous post I’m spending some time training in Warsaw and last Sunday competed in a town called Nowa Deba, it’s south of Warsaw and East of Krakow. It’s ok if you never heard of it because it was new to me too.
I can’t tell you much about the town because when we arrived on Saturday afternoon and it was raining and went straight to the hotel to get ready for a quick workout.

I swear it was raining, but everything looks dry.

All I can tell you is that the pizza I had at Restauracja Szypowski was the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my life, frozen pizza would have been better. I didn’t get sick but my belly looked like I was carrying triples and low (what’s carrying low anyway?).
I was bloated and the damn pizza kept repeating on me till this morning.

But I digress, the race was the following day, it was just a 10km “fun” race for me.
Long story short, I won.

I can’t actually give you a long story about it, it was 9.59113012 times around a 1,042.63mts (there’s a math problem for you) loop, the only thing worth telling is that I missed a turn, and if it wasn’t for the police who came after me I’d be in Ukraine, maybe Chernobyl by now.

Nobody there to cheer for me 😦 – pic from 30 Years Later

I got a big ass trophy that I have to carry all the way to Spain, a medal, a gift card (which I used to buy a fancy floating stick for my GoPro), a metal water bottle and a table-cloth which I’ll regift at a housewarming party soon.

Now I’m back in Warsaw where I’m making use my new gadget.
Racing season is over so it’s time to start training hard again while trying not to die from a heat stroke.

In other news, I went to see The Mummy, it was cheap day at the movie theater, I knew the movie was gonna be crap, Tom Cruise is on it, but man, it was terrible! What a waste of 4 Euros and almost 2 hours of my life.

Tomorrow I’m going to watch Wonder Woman, expectations are high, I know I’ll miss the opening song and seeing Linda Carter spinning around, but it should be a good movie.

Anyway, how are you?
How was your week going?
Have you ever carried low?
Ever watched the old Wonder Woman?




  1. Ok completed 3 marathons in 2 months (Rotterdam, Shakespeare and Edinburgh) and currently getting ready for my first ultra which is 32 miles in the city called Bath. End of year doing the Slovina marathon :-).

    Week – realised group I have been leading are naturally faster and accepted they need a new leader. Time to run with people my pace and support those I can.

    Carried low – just my stomach full of food LOL 🙂

    Loved the old Wonder woman hence not in rush to see the new one. Have you seen what the original actress looks like now? amazing.


  2. Congratulations on the win Leo…..very proud of you. Things quiet here – you know old people like us don’t do a whole lot (haha). Has been fun watching you race around the world… you enjoy some “down time” though. Miss you my friend.

    Hugs, Pam


  3. A tablecloth as a prize. Never heard of that before.

    Being a father (and now a grandfather) I can tell you that in pregnancy lore, “carrying low” was a predictor that the baby was a boy. So perhaps you have a son on the way.


  4. Loved the old Wonder Woman. I even had a Wonder Woman Barbie doll. I haven’t seen the new one yet. It will just make me feel old, really old.


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