Coronavirus, my experience as a scientist*.

As I write this I’m flying over the Mediterranean sea, leaving the safety of my cave behind and ready to risk my life in the name of science and if you reading this it means you were Left Behind during the Rapture.

I’m flying to the European China aka Italy, focus of the biggest outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe.
Just like in the middle ages when the Bubonic Plague arrived in Europe via Messina, Sicily (just 100km north from where I am), now a new and more powerful silent killer threatens to swipe the human race from the face of the Earth and some domestic animals that depend on us to eat.

This ones will be fine

I’ll be based in Catania, Sicily, as part of the efforts to contain this pandemic that’s turning otherwise normal people into living hazmat suits.
The airport was a scene worthy of 28 Days Later, people wearing masks, latex gloves and surgical glasses, whereas me I’m basically naked and showing cleavage.


If you made it this far you are probably rolling your eyes and asking yourself what’s my role as a scientist in this.
Well, if you know me or have read my previous world famous and award winning blogs, 69 Was Taken, 1000 Ways To and Doggy’s Style, you know I’m a sucker for an end-of-the-world theory/prophecy. I’ve so far survived Y2K, The Mayans, The Red Calf, caught ( and lived to write this post) the Swine and Bird Flu and most of its strains and of course the deadly Man Cold and several cases of the shits.

Me sweating the Swine Flu

So it’s only logical I go and meet, face on, this new threat.
Those around me tried to talked me out of traveling to Italy, said I was playing with fire, joke’s on them because I’ll be playing with fire alright, I’ll be hiking Mount Etna.

Calm down! This is a fake!

This time I couldn’t sell my valuables, so I hope I don’t kick the bucket because it was never my intention to leave my room messy and people fighting over who’s gonna keep my riches.

My room has less windows

If I’m alive I’ll update you in 2-3 day or  just follow me on Instagram @leodeawa , which I update as frequent as this blog.

Now tell me:

How are you preparing for the end of the world?
How does it feel to have been Left Behind during the Rapture?
How many and which human extinctions have you survived?
Did you notice I didn’t tell you what my role was?


*Occult Sciences


  1. Hmmmm, Leo, it is the 4th day since your last post. Are you still alive? In any (ANY) case, I hope you did the paperwork: wrote your testament and made Doggy to the heir of your crown (ops), throne and tenures, and piled up 1000 rolls of toilet paper.


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