Racewalk, is the end near?

Knock, knock, knock, are you there?
I’ve been contemplating a blog comeback for awhile. After I defeated dead (once again) a year ago I kept looking for a perfect moment to return, however, laziness took over and here I am, a year later making a 1,203rd come back.
I was gonna do it when I heard about the latest doomsday prophecy (you know I’m a sucker for that sorta things), but I’ll get to that later on.
Instead I’m taking on another prophecy, which doesn’t affect everybody, it affects people like, racewalkers that is, not procrastinators and suckers for the next “The End is Near” to Nostradamus wanna-be.

I’ll try to keep this short and simple, because if I get technical you’ll probable never read one of my comebacks again.
Anyway, the IAAF (the body that regulates our event) had the brilliant idea of offering some changes to make our event more likeable (read profitable).
Racewalk is one of the few events that are still free to watch at the Olympic games or World Champs and unlike the other where you can only see an athlete pass by once or twice, you can see our beautiful faces and wiggling asses pass by anywhere between 50 and 100 times.

To do so, they intend to shorten the distances, from 20 to 10km and from 50 to 30km.
Bringing the 10km to the track where you would have to pay and being a direct final (presumably) would be at least 50 bucks or 5 beers and a couple of hotdogs.

Another aspect to be changed is the way the event is judged, currently the rule says you must remain in constant contact with the ground at all times, as long as it perceptible to the human eye.

Which obviously gives room to arguments, so to avoid it the IAAF wants to introduce the use of a sorta insole for your shoes to measure the time you are off the ground. Big bucks in there for someone and also lots of races will be no more.
Because who the hell has the money to afford such technology at a local race level?
Hell, not even money prizes we have or free t-shirts, now suddenly we’d be able to afford cutting edge technology.

Great way to develop the sports!
They say it’s to make it easier for the audience, so they better understand the event, just like in figure skating, synchronized swimming, diving, gymnastics, where we all understand perfectly the scoring system and distinguish between the a Loop,
a Flip

and Lutz.
 But I think the most ridiculous idea is to shorten the 50km. I mean why???!!
Who doesn’t like to see people pushing their body to the limit?
It’s the dramatic, we just need a proper editing system during broadcast, some epic music and the drama is served.
Honestly, we’d be Oscar material!
Did you even see the last bit of the 50km race in Rio?

You don’t know what you missed.
Pure drama, blood and tears.
If that isn’t good TV then lock us in a house without food right after a race and watch how we eat each other.
Truth is the dark hand of money in the name progress is moving its fingers and it’s coming for our event, if we allow it to happen, we’ll soon be the My Space of track and field, just without the annoying music that nobody could pause.

If you wanna read more in-detail and with less typos what the whole mess is about, go here: Response from the International Athletes. 

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back so we can talk about the latest doomsday prophecy.


  1. sounds like the end of something. But it may also be the beginning of something else. the transition always sucks. I guess that means that more people will have to go into sponsorship for the insoles? Money is a pretty evil thing with sports. I will wait to see what happens and in the meantime wish you all the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The key point of these people is that they wanna make the event grow and make it popular, but putting the financial burden of this tech on poor local associations or federations, it’s nothing short of an oxymoron. They can’t expect to make something popular but at the same time make it harder for people to promote it at local level.
      The tech idea is great, but not to make the event grow.
      Thanks for your comment, appreciate it!

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    • The insoles are to be provided during the race at the expense of the organization, it wouldn’t cost anything for us as athletes. The point is many local races are struggling to find volunteers, once they are faced with this mandatory gadget they will just stop organizing this events.
      Nice to see around again 😉


  2. So true about the figure skating!
    Everyone must always know the rules and have interest, else no one knows shit about any sport…


  3. I don’t know your sport well enuf to be able to comment about the rightness or wrongness of the proposed change, but I suspect your observation that the dark hand of money is behind it truly is correct.


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