How to shorten your life span

Hello Kids,

It seems like fate is against me updating this as I said I would.
This time the excuse is a really sad story.
oprah-sadIt happened last week when I went to the race in Burjassot, Valencia.
I’m gonna start with the sad story and then tell you about the race.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but lately I’ve been just making to my flights.
I aged 10 years during my trip to Lisbon.

Felt like Mumm-Ra but in reverse.

On the way there had to turn around 5km from the airport because I’d forgotten my ID. 

The way back the subway stopped for 15 minutes, missed the connection and ended up getting to the airport 10 minutes before closing gates, I cut all possible lines and ran like crazy, luckily I always shower and wear deodorant, otherwise that would have been a stinky flight cuz I sweated like a pig.
I made to the gate right before closing, last one to board.

Going to Valencia was a tight one, but I didn’t have to run. However, on the way back, I decided I didn’t want to stress so I left the apartment 3 hours before my flight, made it to the airport with plenty time to spare, had the usual argument with the security woman because of the massage roll.
51Ai1fEWNLL._SY355_They’ve never seen one before and once in Germany the guy told me it look like a weapon, I told him that if someone managed to hijack a plane with something like that, they’d deserve a monument. Massive eye rolling.
eye rollI made it to the gate with over an hour to spare, boarded, flight was uneventful until we landed and I grabbed my backpack, which to my surprise was extremely light.
While I was waiting for my suitcase, I opened the backpack and checked, my heart sank. 
My legs trembled.
My eyes watered.
Forehead started to sweat.
Yes! My worse nightmare had suddenly become a reality, 
I had left the computer behind.
My baby!
My companion.
panic.gifCalled the apartment to see if I had left it there, the answer was no.
I panicked even more.
Then it downed one me, I had left it at the security check. That women had distracted me and I put the tray with the liquids on top of the computer, when looked behind didn’t see it obviously.

Called the airport and they told me until 10PM they couldn’t give me any kind of information. It was 2pm, the 8 longest hours of my life. 
I called and after detailing all the scratches my baby has they told me it was there. 
I was born again.
alien born.gifA week later I got my baby safe and sound, but in the process I had at least 10 heart attacks and aged 60 years, so I’m almost catching up with the age my health insurance believes I am.

As for the race, it went according to plan, it was nice to see friends and eat plenty of “arroz al horno”.
Now I’m on my way to Budapest and you can bet the computer is the first thing I’ll put in my backpack.

So what about you? 

What’s the most important thing you’ve left behind? 

How old your health insurance think you are? 


  1. SHIT i KNEW it was going to either something to do with the Baby or Doggie… thank goodness its Baby but saying that OMG i felt your panic!!!! If I had left my MacBaby i would have positively DIED on the spot! Its the most awful thing! I left my iPhone at home once… i am embarrassed to say that it totally ruined my DAY! It felt like my right hand had been chopped RIGHT OFF!
    *lol* Sad hey!
    Stoke you got it back and stoked you had a fab race!!!!
    As for you weapon… wellllllllllllllllllll 😉 I say nUthink!!!!


  2. My insurance thinks I’m around 65, but my doctor thinks I’m 5. Also, I think I’d have freaked out if I noticed my laptop was missing. At least it was relatively safe in the airport security (people probs do it a lot) and not on a subway in Berlin. Glad you got it! Glad you made your flights. Maybe just sleep at the airport next time and handcuff your laptop to you. 🙂


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