From Algeciras to Lisbon

Hello Kids!
I know I said I was gonna update weekly,  but before you judge me, I have an excuse.

I started writing the post but had to go to Lisbon and forgot to schedule the publish date.
Does it sound believable?
Believe me!!!
Anyway, here I am paying-ish my dues and living up to my word.
As I mentioned on my previous post, read by over 30 million, I had the first race of the season. It was the Andalusian Championships in a costal city called Algeciras.
I didn’t have any specific goals going into the race, the idea was to be a rabbit for my friend Pablo, who was looking to qualify for the national championships.
I did my job and so did Pablo, he not only qualified for nationals but also bettered his personal best. Yay for Pablo! And on the way I was first and Andalusian Champion, so yay for me.

Then I went to Lisbon to train for a couple of days and eat all that yummy food and pastries.

Thanks to A Hearty Nomad for the nice action shots.
Now I’m back to the routine, went to the dentist today, half my face is still numb.
No anaesthesia was enough to stop me from twitching everything the little drill touched my tooth. But I didn’t cry and got a box of travel size toothpaste for free, which is great and extremely handy.

Next week I have the first big race, the 50km National Champs in a Burjassot, Valencia.
My plan is to do 35km all out and then see how it goes, my goal is not until March 24th in Dudince, Slovakia, so this will only be a serious test.

Tell me, how are you? 
What’s new? 
How are you gonna celebrate the year of the dog? 
You think the dentist’s gift was a not so hidden message? 


  1. *lol* you mean like you have halitosis and you don’t know it? nah, he would have told you silly! 😉

    Best of luck! I am a Dragon, i believe i have to stay quiet in the year of the dog… ha! like that is about to happen! 🙂

    Happy racing! More food pics please!


  2. […] It seems like fate is against me updating this as I said I would. This time the excuse is a really sad story. It happened last week when I went to the race in Burjassot, Valencia. I’m gonna start with the sad story and then tell you about the race. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but lately I’ve been just making to my flights. I aged 10 years during my trip to Lisbon. […]


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