Hey, it’s me!

Hello kids,

It’s been awhile (most of my recent posts started like this). But this time I had a reason, I’ve been really busy with another project.
I’m part of the designing team working on a new space ship proposal for the European Space Agency.


But because that’s highly classified info, let me tell about something that won’t send me to jail.
 I’ve been training and competing like crazy, the past 2 months have been moving around Europe and today I finally have time to sit down at home, with doggy whining next to me, so I decided to post something and maybe be try to post once again.  (I wrote all that 3 weeks ago, I suck!)

you-suckI’ve missed blogging, it relaxes me. Writing is sometimes better than talking to myself, if you knew the kind of conversations I have while I’m cooking, you’d think I’m crazy.
I even created my own langue to talk to Doggy, so people don’t understand us.
Training and racing has been fun, tiring but fun. I’ve also got to try a lot of yummy food and visit a couple of cities I’ve never been before.
So I guess I have material for at least 2-3 more years of blogging if I keep blogging with the frequency I’ve been doing it so far.

  • First I went to Budapest
  • Then I crossed the border to Slovakia and went to Dudince for a race and Bratislava to train.
  • Right after Vienna I went to the Czech Republic, first to Brno to train, then a race in Podebrady and then to relax in Prague.
  • Then a trained for 2 weeks in frigid and beautiful Krakow

Now I’m back on the road, I’m training in Warsaw, so when I’m not eating or snoring I’ll update this. I have 2 roommates, a cat named Karma and a dog names Kromka.

As for now that’s all I have to offer, but please, tell me, how are you?
What have you been up to?
Any babies born while I was gone?
Have you watched Guardians of the Galaxy or Wonder Woman?



  1. Leo – you are constantly on the move traveling or racewalking or – yes this is your favorite – EATING……Those of us who love your insane sense of humor and descriptions of meals have missed you. Congratulations on all your race victories along the way……..come back and see us when you “land” !!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • I’ve been so many good things and some gross too, I have to post about them. I just got done eating one of the worst pizzas I’ve ever had, they brought ketchup with it, which I didn’t understand at first, but now I do.


  2. oooh the food… no idea what I would try fist :o) we have a secret language too… the people always grin when they hear our communication on the street… they have no clue that we just talked mean things about them, ha!


    • Hello Margarita!
      Doggy is doing great, he’s enjoying his beachbum life now, I miss him but we Skype often, and by that I mean, I keep calling him and he keeps ignoring me. How’s the NYC summer?
      Hope you are doing great.

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      • Today we’re enjoying a respite from the abrupt heat wave earlier this week. Whoddathunk a gray rainy day would feel heavenly? Look forward to hearing more of your adventures, Leo! 😉 xoxoM


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