Beat it but be gentle

Hello kids!

Sometimes things at “La Casa de Leo” get messy, life catches up. Even though I try to be fast it always catches up, but hey, better than Death catching up right?

You are it!
You are it!

Today I’m gonna give you advices on how to clean delicate surfaces, what kind of green products to use to better care for your leather clothing, what’s best to clean your mirrors.

I'll remember it for the next post.
I’ll remember it for the next post.

Just kidding, I don’t believe in house keeping when performed by oneself, I believe in paying to get it done.
But Leo I’m poor and can’t afford cleaning staff?
-You marry rich!
But what happens if all the rich are taken and I have no sugar left in the bowl to get a sugar daddy?

We'll never forget you Anna.
We’ll never forget you Anna.

-You just do what I do, prioritize and pray.
I hate cleaning, but I love cooking, so I make an effort to keep the kitchen clean so I can cook. Ohh and the bathroom, the rest of the house I just pray that the cleaning Elves come and clean it for me.

Last weekend I cooked something I’d like to share with you.
Purple potato gnocchi, they are vegan, gluten-free, full of gluten and meat. They are whatever you want them to be, but above all they are delicious.
And this is how you make them.

Mr. PigOut will walk you through the recipe.
Mr. PigOut will walk you through the recipe.

First cook the potatoes, or leave them raw but it’ll make things complicated.
Then you let them cool and peel them, you may peel them while hot, your call.
I cut them into pieces to accelerate the cooling process, because I have no patience.


Then smash them, add some butter, a vegan egg and a bit of salt.

Then add flour and play with the dough, make it yours, pound it, but don’t go crazy cuz we want the gnocchi soft.

Feel it!
Don’t mind the monkey arms. 

Then separate the dough into pieces of whatever size you want and cut them into smaller pieces.

I'm an artist!
I’m an artist!

Make them look pretty.
And bang! You are done.

It tasted better than what it looks.
It tasted better than what it looks.

But don’t eat them raw unless you wanna get salmonella and lose a couple of pounds.
You may freeze them and use them later or cook them right away.
I did a “Garlic and Oil” thing for mine, but if I give you the recipe I’ll have to commit mass murder.

And there you go, that was cooking at “La Casa de Leo”

But tell me, 
Are you a cleaning freak? If so, need you to be my BFF and come visit me. 
Did you know that Shirley Bassey is 750 years? 
You pray for cleaning Elves to visit you?

Have a happy humpday!



  1. I must say this looks too easy for me to avoid TRYING to make it! Seriously – delicious and I’d do the garlic butter thing too for a sauce. Perfect. I’m lucky in that I have a cleaning partner – David helps out a LOT and in a 3 story house that’s great – we get the cleaning done quickly. Now that we have a cat again we MIGHT have to take a while longer (!) but that’s OK too. Thanks for the recipe. LOVE IT!

    Hugs, Pam


  2. Purple gnocchi – cool. Butter makes everything better!

    I pray every week for the cleaning elves to show up, but they never do. I must have earned some bad cleaning karma in a past life or something. I hate cleaning, but with a hairy white dog and 3 hairy multi coloured cats I have no choice to at least vacuum and wash the floors (and counter tops). I’ve turned my weekly cleaning event into an Olympic sport essentially. I can get the essentials done in a pretty decent time if I give’r.


  3. Mom definitely cleans more than she cooks. I always see other doggie moms making homemade dog biscuits and feeding fresh foods to their doggies. I’m getting nuthin’ over here. She’s baking gingerbread cookies right now. I am not hopeful.

    Love and licks,


  4. Um, those look delicious. But what did you do to make the potatoes sad, Leo?. And you forgot to say the butter was vegan too.
    I like to clean and cook, but only for myself :p
    Happy Wednesday!


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