How Napoleon relates to the Super Bowl?

Hello kids!
Hope you had a nice weekend.
Mine was ok, I had a race in a town called San Fernando, one of the only 2 parts of Spain that didn’t surrender to France during the occupation back in the days of Napoleon. So take that Napoleon!

Ride your penguin to eternity.
Ride your penguin to eternity.

That was history for you today.
Now let me tell you a bit about the race. I was second.

And that was my race summary for you.
Well, not really, I just don’t wanna bore you, bit if you got through the Super Bowl you can get through this, and if you didn’t you still should get through this out of courtesy (or just scroll down to the HUGE announcement).


I was second, it was just a 10km race. I was pacing a friend who wanted to achieve the qualifying standard for the nationals, but the coward died on me.
In his defense he had raced the day before and was tired.
Anyhow, you should wake up now cuz I’m about to make a HUGE announcement.

The hugest!!!
The hugest!!!

We have decided to bring back Miss Peach. In case you don’t know who Miss Peach is (shame on you!), she was the second most important woman in the history of her little village. She was a youth pastoress(sic), a daughter of the confederation, foster mom, nice white lady and the latest member of her family to be disowned.

Miss Peach’s been through some changes, some good, some bad, but all of them worth making fun of.
I’ve chosen a different way to bring her back. I’m gonna illustrate her life underachievements like a “comic” (until I get bored of drawing, give it 2-3 weeks).
And here’s the first:

The welcome committee
The welcome committee

Yeah, she’s moved. She went deepest into the south, because she’s adventurous like that.
Anyway, I’ll try to bring to you the saddest but funniest mishaps of this Southern Belle.

Now tell me,

How was your weekend? 
Did your team win?
Who won anyway? 

Have a great week! 

Ohh right, Napoleon and the Super Bowl have nothing in common.



  1. that was clever to ride a penguin… practically when you have to live on Elba furever&ever :o) Congrats to your second place!!!
    btw: did you know that we have a law what forbids to name a pig Napoleon? (yes, that was my first thought too, but I wasn’t sure if a pig goes along with a dog )

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  2. YAY for coming in second in your race – second is pretty darn good you know! I watched about ten minutes of the Super Bowl – the BEST ten minutes……when the Patriots tied the game and then won in overtime. Too bad we have to watch all of something to see the best ten minutes of it. HA. Glad to hear Miss Peach is alive in the South. Looking forward to your cartoons bringing us up to date on “The Adventures of Miss Peach”……….

    Hugs, Pam

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  3. Well did my longest run of the year (Stamford 30km) which ended up being 18.7 miles of hills. 15.6 mile hill got me and I had to walk half way, but once at top I started running again. Very happy with result and now just need to get a few more long runs in before Rotterdam marathon.


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