Take it all but that!

Hello kids,
Please allow me to apologize for touching a subject like this on a Monday, but I believe we cannot remain silent in times as dark as the ones we are now living.

The darkest!
The darkest!

Today more than ever, we should unite our voices and efforts to bring down the walls some want to built.

Which wall Leo?

Glad you asked.
The wall of lies and deceive that search engines are using to take a way or fun.
Yes! Yes, my friends, in the days when the NSA controls our lives, I ask you, what happened to the search terms details on WordPress??
Probably the most interesting part of blogging was taken away from us on the grounds of privacy.

Whose privacy Leo?!!

Glad you asked again.
I have no idea whose privacy, all I know is they took all our fun away.
You are probably too young to remember when the “unknown search tearm” didn’t exists.
Back in our days (ancient bloggers) we could see how people found our blogs. Yeah, you can still see something, but my friends, back then it was pure joy.

See what I did there?
See what I did there?

I rescued some of the search terms people used between July and August 2013 to reach my old blog “Doggy’s Style” (with a name like that you cannot even imagine the fun I had).
It was glorious imagining how some pervs thought they’ve struck gold just to stumble upon a rather innocent blog (cough cough).
Granted, my tags are always deceiving, it’s part of the fun, but I don’t recall hinting Julie Andrews had a sex tape.


Anyway, sit back and enjoy the pictures with a cup of tea.
I present the court all the “Exhibits”:

Now that you know the potential of search terms, I ask you;
Will you remain still?
Will you just let search engines take the fun away?
Will you?
Let’s get together and march!
Let’s occupy WordPress, till we get our fun back.
Let’s burn the spam and trash folders!
Let’s riot all over the comment section, unless you have tiny hands like Dooneese, then you are excused.

So, tell me:

What’s the weirdest search term you’ve seen on your stats?
How was your weekend? 
Am I on off the meds? 

Have a nice week!



  1. Okay, I didn’t know I had stats like that! I’ve clearly been missing out. The best one was ‘steamy pile of shit pictures’. There were quite a few about why running makes me so hungry and scraped knee photos. Hmmm. I’m not sure what to think.


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