Hello kids,

Ever since 2012 ended and the Mayans were wrong about the end of the world, life hasn’t been the same.
We’ve been 5 years (aprox.) without a doomsday prophecy and I won’t lie, I miss it.
Nostradamus failed us, Y2K scammed us, the Mayans fooled us and people holding “The end is near” signs are so 1990’s.


Don’t take me wrong, I don’t want the world to end just now, I still have things to do but I miss the movies (2012 was a massive disappointment) and documentaries about the “what if”.
I miss Giorgio A. Tsoukalo’s (an alien-human hybrid), trying to convince us that what he says is true, maybe it is, he’s changed a lot, maybe the aliens are coming soon or walk among us (he’s a living proof). On the next video you see how he’s “evolving”.

And what about the “Doomsday Preppers” in middle America?

Or Black Friday at BestBuy
or Black Friday in BestBuy…

I think they are just an upgrade of the show “Hoarders” or downgrade, depends on how you see it, the clear winner is the shrink.

Is there’s a point to this post? 
Glad you asked!

No, there isn’t. I just wanted to say that I traveled back in time. Yesterday I was feeling melancholic and decided to check my old blog (Doggy’s Style, offline now) and read some gems worth recovering and sharing.
This idea could go both ways, either mean the end of this blog (see how the post makes sense now? Smooth move!) or take me all the way to the Pulitzer I always wanted to win, maybe even the Nobel, we gotta dream big.


Maybe the next post will be a revival of “True Fairy Tales”, an award-winning fiction series, suitable for all ages as long as they can legally drink.

If you got this far and are still confused, it’s ok, I just did 20 miles and it was really cold, maybe my brain is frozen or thawing, so it isn’t you, it’s me.
Ohh! I have a good brain freeze story, about my grandma, may she rest in peace, the woman was hilarious, I’ll share it later on.

No! My grandma wasn't an otter.
No! My grandma wasn’t an otter.

Enough about me, tell me: 
How was your weekend? 
How you deal with brain freeze?

Have a great week! 



  1. Ah yes…….Doggys Style…….ahead of its’ time indeed but it was fun keeping up with Doggy’s antics in the apartment when you were at work – like the time he “unpotted” all the plants on the balcony. Tee Hee So glad you decided to blog again though – welcome back……our weekend was COLD (it’s 15 degrees right now in fact) and while at my age brain freeze is a daily issue, right now, my brain is WARM……perhaps that hot shower I just had helped! Thanks for asking about my brain – some days I’m not sure I still have one.

    Hugs, Pam


    • Doggy is still a mess, today we aren’t in talking terms. He stole a huge lemon a woman gave me and destroyed.
      You remember he likes to play with oranges and lemons, and eats them every now and then.
      It doesn’t get that cold here, I think my body couldn’t handle it anymore, it’s been 8 years since my last NY winter.
      I’d die.

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      • I have a feeling you’d figure out a way to keep warm (!!!). Doggy is a nut – most animals do NOT like citrus fruit but Doggy never was like any other dog right? He’s a guy with a mind of his own! Kinda like his Dad! WINK WINK


    • It’s was Doggy’s Style, it was meant to be about Doggy and his style, but you know, soon went down hill and I was giving dating advice. It was a rather popular blog but it got overwhelming, it felt like a job. But I miss writing crap, so I guess I’ll start over.
      This morning was -2 at the beach. Horrible with the humidity.

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  2. We miss good ole Doggie. What a guy. You’re a pretty good guy, too, L., and it’s always great hearing from you. My weekend was cold and snowy, and even though I didn’t get brain freeze, Mom made me wear my pawboots so the rock salt didn’t burn me and she said her eyeballs were frozen from the wind.

    Love and licks,

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  3. I think I enjoy reading your comments as much as your posts. I have chronic brain freeze until July so I’m a bit slow getting around to reading posts. My fingers don’t usually thaw out until then too. Amazing I can still type.

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    • Thanks Angie!
      All the people that comment are awesome, you are awesome.
      It’s a week later, but today we are breaking records here. Extremely cold for this part of Spain.
      Still nothing compared to what you have to deal with, but people in here are going crazy, it’s funny to see.

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