Stranger Things: Seville 

Hello kids,

We are back to our regular schedule, and if you thought I’m was talk about the Netflix show, you are wrong.
I’m just using the name to lure fans to a misleading post.
What I’m gonna talk about is strange things. Jeez! I’m so clever!
And by strange I mean me and by things I mean situations.
Anyhow, many of you who read this blog have been following me for a while, if you are new, brace for impact, you are in for a bumpy ride.
Thing is, as you may know I move around a lot, I’m seasonal like the flu but less dangerous than the bird flu.

And birdflu was born!
And birdflu was born!

Back to subject, I move around a lot and when I have to return to a place I used to call home I always feel strange, a stranger, not like a tourist but like when you find an old pair of jeans you used to love but you outgrew them and now they are just a memory of your future past (sponsored by xmen).

As I came down to Seville for the holidays that’s what I felt, I know the city inside out, but I felt like the muffin top of Seville’s skinny jeans, felt like a total stranger walking down Avenida Constitución surrounded by tourists and villagers visiting the big city.

For the first time in ages I decided to join the hordes of annoying tourists, took my phone out to snap some pics hoping not to get run over by an angry biker, the slow tram or a horse carriage and also looking down so I didn’t step on horse shit.

This means no pedestrians allowed
This means no pedestrians allowed

Now please, walk with me down Seville’s most iconic avenue.

On a future post I’ll tell about what’s important, the food in Seville and the time I found a dead body while working out.

What about you?

Have you ever felt like a city’s muffintop?

Have you watched Stranger Things? 

If so, you think the 11 is a human version of ET? I do 

Have a great week! 



  1. Hello there! Visiting your old stomping ground? Seville is a gorgeous city…..I’ll sure look forward to the dead body story – that’s what I’d call freaky for sure. I’ve never felt like a city’s muffintop but I certainly do HAVE a muffintop – but I blame my old age for that. Nice to have you back in the blogosphere!

    Hugs, Pam


  2. Every time I go to a neighborhood I’ve neglected for a while and find it unrecognizable, I get that feeling, Leo. Thanks for the tour. Love the feel of Seville! 😉 xoxoM


    • I’ve heard the city looked amazing back then. I’ve even videos and everything looks like a theme park.
      Too bad most of the nicest buildings were when down and the landscaping along the river was just left to rot.
      You can still visit some buildings, one of them is a university and a concert hall.
      Did you know that a good part of the “river” was made for the Expo?

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      • No I didn’t know that! Yeah I fell in love with the city… same year were the Olympics so Barcelona was EPIC! My fave city of all time! Helps that Gaudi is my fave artist!!!!
        *winks* were you born then? 😂😂😂😂


    • It’s lovely! Specially when it starts to get warm. I often tell my friends, the ones that say they miss Seville a lot, that it’d be nice is yankee candles came up with a Seville’s candle, horse pee and shit and orange blossom scented, “Spring in Seville”


  3. My first marathon and where I have many happy memories with you :-). Orange wine we must drink together again soon 🙂

    Milton Keynes the town I grew up in. I go back as friends and parents still live there, but I just feel I have out grown it and it is not the happy place I once grew up in.


  4. I notice you were walking down the avenue during Christmas which is the worst decoration in all the year. I am from Seville and I feel embarrassed 😦 the tramp and bike path were finished 7 or 8 years ago. It is miracle there have been no accidents! Before that the avenue was all the time full of traffic jams. Now at least we can walk. But I will destroy the avenue on Christmas. Sorry, I needed to express my horror

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    • Oh yeah!
      You are totally right, the decoration this year was by far the ugliest I’ve seen in Seville.
      Specially the Christmas tree by the fountain closer to Puerta Jerez, and to think that a bank paid for it.
      I’ve seen pictures of Seville before they closed the access to traffic on that area, plaza nueva was a huge mess.
      I was living there during the “transformation” of La Encarnación, that part looks really nice. I know Las Setas divide the population but I really like the project, budget issues aside obviously.
      Thanks for passing by.

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