From Nowhere to Nowhere

Hello Kids!
This is the second year I’m gonna be living in the middle of nowhere.
A different nowhere, last year was a place called Huercal Overa, a place where it never rains and the air is thick with the scent of pig crap. I kid you not, it was horrible. But thanks to evolution our sense of smell is quick to adapt and sooner than I expected I was smelling roses where others smelled crap.

The stench is delicious!!!
The stench is delicious!!!

Now I moved to the opposite corner of Andalusia, a beach resort called Matalascañas (kill the canes), where population sores from under 1,000 to over 100,000 over summer break.


Matalascañas is surrounded by a national park/world heritage site. It’s an atrocious housing development that ruined paradise but they didn’t know any better back in the 50’s when they built this.

An upside down defence tower built in the XVI century.
An upside down defence tower built in the XVI century.

The national park is called Doñana, among other things it offers shelter to many bird species traveling between African and Europe.
The beach here is amazing, 50km of pristine beaches, golden sand and warm water.

Now that summer break is over, it’s all for me, deers prancing down the beach and the fishermen who often laugh and wave at me as they see me passing by.
It’s great to workout here, specially because of the messed up Spanish time (1 hour of ahead of what it should be), sunrise doesn’t happen till 8:20am these days, which means everyday I get to see it before I get done with my morning workout.
As for the pig out part, well, most restaurants and bar are closed and the few that are open I have yet to try, I have no options but to get creative.

I’ll write more about this place the future.
Have a nice week!

What about you? 
What how was your weekend? 
How’s your week going? 
Ever smelled roses where others smelled crap? 



  1. That beach is beautiful…….you lucky guy! The food looks delish too……you’ve always been a creative cook! We’re all good here in Virginia where Fall is beginning to fall and the leaves are changing to golden/orange/red….fires in the fireplace….warm sweaters…..BUT I’d rather be on a beach!

    Lots of hugs, Pam


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