Wake Up! Wake Up!

Hello kids!
Here I am, back after a long hiatus. Different name but same flavor.


Who am I?
You don’t know?
I take offense!


Anyway, let’s go back to the usual.
Recently I updated my iPhone and one of the new features is “Bedtime”.
You set up the time you’d like to go to bed and the time you want to wake up.
30 minutes before your “Bedtime” you get a notification, then at the set time if you are still on the phone, it gives you a 50,000 volts shock and puts you to sleep immediately.

Feels like a taser
Feels like a taser

Not exactly, but Apple should think about it, I’ll patent the idea just in case.
It also has “Wake Up Sounds” as an update to the alarms, the idea of this is to wake you up subtlety with relaxing music or sounds of nature, starts really low and then builds up. A good idea indeed.
I wanted to change the jarring sound of my current alarm (barking dogs), it’s worth mentioning that the place where I’m living now is a migratory stop between Europe and Africa for many bird species, so in the spirit of cohesion I decided to pick “Birdsong”.
I’ll just tell you that after 3 days of waking up 2 hours late, I’ve decided to go back to the barking dogs.


The birds start singing and there I am, half sleep, slobbering, thinking on how beautiful mother nature is, and wishing I could see all those birds flying by, even crows, which aren’t common here, that’s when my brains realizes that the alarm’s been on for over an hour and I jump out of bed.

Thought I was gonna get up like this
Thought I was gonna get up like this

Maybe the next update will include “Construction Site” or “Garbage Truck” so us, city junkies feel like waking up at home when we in the middle of nowhere.
And just like that, this post has nothing to do with my blog’s name, to no surprise obviously, but I woke up late to workout and pig out, there you go, post and blog name connected.

Now, your time: 
Think the electric shock is a good idea to get you off the phone?
Would you rather wake up like on Cinderella or Resident Evil? 

Have a nice week!



  1. Oh I definitely think the electric shock idea is good…….As for what I’d rather wake up to…..well, I’m afraid that’s highly classified information…..tee hee. Gosh it’s good to have you back!!!!

    Love, Pam


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